Thursday 30th Mar, 2017

Young Adelaide engineer a big hit on the world stage

Andrew Bradley

Adelaide University engineering student Andrew Bradley received the Richard Cavagnaro Award at a recent function held for young geotechnical engineers from South Australia and the Northern Territory.

His partnership with Adelaide manufacturer Broons will see the young PhD student report his findings on Rolling Dynamic Compaction on the world stage in Scotland this month.

Used for deep soil compaction on many of the world’s largest civil engineering projects including the Palm Islands in Dubai, the locally-made Broons’ ‘Square’ Impact Roller has been at the heart of Andrew’s PhD research.

Andrew has computer-modelled the finite element effects of Rolling Dynamic Compaction to better understand the science beneath the ground on this unique machine. Working hand in hand with Broons, Andrew and his fellow students are looking to accurately map the depth of influence and effectiveness of the Broons Impact Roller, which has been exported all over the world.

According to Andrew it is vital that industry and higher education work more closely together in local R&D projects. “There’s an inherent experience that you can only get through the support of a company such as Broons. They provide us with documentation, in-field testing and design specifications that we can put into our models”.

Andrew will present his findings to the pinnacle of engineering minds at the 16th European Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Conference in Edinburgh Scotland during September. Accompanying him will be Professor Mark Jaksa from the University of Adelaide.