Thursday 30th Mar, 2017

The era of leasing power tools has arrived


Hilti’s Fleet Management scheme is a pioneering new system that allows contractors to lease tools rather than purchase them outright. The only tool manufacturer that offers its customers the option to use its tools in such a way, Fleet Management is already drawing praise from numerous sections of the construction industry thanks to its many cost and time-effective benefits.

Traditionally speaking, most contractors only think of tools in terms of the initial price rather than the long-term costs associated with tool ownership. This is an unfortunate mistake – not least because of the various ‘hidden’ costs that inevitably attach themselves to tool ownership.

Amongst the feedback comments from users are:

“Fleet Management is definitely worth the money. For cash-flow reasons it’s a lot easier, and there are no unforeseen costs involved as all the services and repairs are accounted for. There are also no upfront costs – just one fixed monthly repayment. It’s effortless”. – Richard Tat, National Operations Manager at Aus-Rack Installations, Brisbane

“Before the Fleet Management system arrived, arranging tools was a complete mess. We didn’t know what we had or where everything was. Now we get a tool labelling record from Hilti and a full online inventory of what we’ve got, so we know which tools are in which vehicle and with which worker. We also know when they need to be serviced and what kind of condition they’re in. It makes my life a lot easier and frees up my time on site. We’ve got the latest tools, so every time they’re changed we’ve got the best and most up-to-date ones.” – Norman Touma, owner of Dux Plumbing Services

“Our guys cost a lot to put out each day. If we send them out with tools that won’t last, we can’t get the productivity we need out of them. We were finding that these [maintenance and repair costs] were actually far greater than the purchase cost. We pay this small rate to Hilti (typically, 3-4% of the purchase price) every month and we don’t pay anything else, and these tools are maintained for three years. If there happens to be a repair required, we just ring up and log it with Hilti and it gets picked up, repaired and delivered back to us”. – Trent Leen, owner/director of Bernie Leen & Sons