Thursday 30th Mar, 2017

Mining technology could have civil impact


A Bentley seminar this week on Advancing Mine Survey – Bentley’s Integrated Spatial Solution could provide a glimpse into technologies that could ultimately be used on large civil construction projects.

The subject of increased the efficiency of using drones for more frequent surveys for greater accuracy and wider coverage was addressed. Drones, laser scanning and digital photogrammetry are technologies that are finding their way into mining, with some application to date in construction.

Bentley’s mining solutions executive Dave Body and product manager Sonya Pieterse presented an overview of the various applications that comprise Bentley’s integrated spatial solution for mine surveying, including

  • ContextCaptureto automatically create detailed 3D as-mined models from photographs
  • MineCycle Surveyto accelerate survey data processing and visualisation
  • ProjectWiseto manage and share large image and terrain files.

These applications can be used to:

  • Measure and track mining progress faster and more accurately
  • Manage, maintain, and distribute very large amounts of survey data
  • Deliver more timely information to planning and operations.