Thursday 30th Mar, 2017

Call for higher PBS standards for heavy vehicles


A recent Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) Manufacturers’ Council meeting held in Brisbane called for a higher level of safety measures to be introduced as standard across all new Performance Based Standards (PBS) approvals.

CEO Brett Wright announced, “HVIA is committed to improving the safety and productivity of the heavy vehicle fleet. PBS vehicles are the flagships of the fleet and it is critical that they meet a high minimum level of dynamic safety performance which provides assurance to the community that they are indeed ‘world’s best’.”

Under current arrangements, PBS vehicles are able to operate under a broad range of standards with respect to braking and stability. HVIA proposes that all PBS vehicles be compliant and fitted with a minimum of:

  1. for trucks – ABS and electrical connections per Australian Design Rule (ADR) 35/04 and,
  2. for trailers – EBS per UNECE R13 with a Vehicle Stability Function which shall include Roll-over control meeting the requirements of Annex 21 of UNECE R13.

Mandating these minimum requirements would provide a baseline level of dynamic safety performance for the PBS fleet. It is also well documented and established that the “best bang for buck” when it comes to rollover and/or accident prevention is EBS with Roll-over control on trailers. This is now a mature technology which together with ABS on the truck will see a marked improvement in the PBS fleet safety performance.

The draft policy can be accessed from the HVIA website, The HVIA Board commends this policy to its membership and the wider industry, and invites comment and feedback.

  • Doug

    I completely agree with the idea. However, I think training for the pesonnel involved in the use and repair/diagnostics should be rolled out prior to or coinciding with its introduction. Learning “On the Job” could be too risky with ABS/EBS in general use on trailers, often the most abused part of the roadtrain.